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   Founded in 1984, Hangzhou Jinfeng Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Xiaoshan Leakage Automate Circuit-breaker Factory) is the earliest corporation specialized in the development and production of pure electro-magnetic leakage circuit-breaker. It is also known as one of the manufactures turning out such products of the largest scale in China. Our corporation covers an area of 10,000 sqm, holds perfect production and testing equipment, and has a capacity of turning out more than 500,000 sets of leakage circuit-breakers per year, including eight brands and over 60 different specifications...




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In order to better promote the company image, faster picking off switch, in succession since 2016 in the company's product specifications, packing and certificate to add & other; Qr code & throughout
Automatic air switch function and role of is what
Is equal to the knife switch, over-current relay, relay, thermal relay, pressure loss and the leakage protector electrical part or all of the functions such as sum, it is a kind of important in the low voltage distribution network protection of electrical appliances.
Bt to Toshiba shows the security of quantum communication technology
Any try to is transmission of data monitor will send key of photon interference, which cause obstacles to their coding. In the transmission of data monitor try sending keys will interfere with the photons
The leakage switch principle
Not familiar with the friend might mistake it for will leakage switch, in fact is not like this.